Ohio Treasurer of State Robert Sprague

Motor Vehicle and Watercraft Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pre-register to use the online process?

No, but the first time you use the online process you will be asked to supply basic information about your office. Your basic information will be saved if you click the 'Save as new' boxes.

Do I have to use the online process?

No, this is a voluntary system at this time and you have the option to file a paper report and check at: Treasurer of State, P.O. Box 163458, Columbus, Ohio 43216-3458. Do not mail the paper report and check to the Department of Taxation or the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Do I still need to send the paper report if I used the online process to file and pay the return?

No, do not send a paper report or check if you successfully filed and paid the report online.

Why will the poundage be forfeited?

If you have a history of filing and paying the report in an untimely basis, state law allows the Department of Taxation to deny the poundage allowed for the Clerks of Court and require the Clerks to pay the poundage claimed on a subsequent report. The Department of Taxation will notify you if you are required to forfeit the denied poundage.

How will the payment be noted on my bank account?

The ACH Debit authorized by you will be credited to the states' bank by each tax type, Motor Vehicle and Watercraft, seperately. Your bank statement will identify the two deductions as 'OH MV TX' and 'OH WC TAX'.

What if there is a negative amount in the Watercraft total due to poundage allowed to another county when there was no tax or poundage for my county?

The online system will not accommodate a negative Total amount. Should this situation arise, please file a paper report and check for that week.

What if the bank rejects my payment?

If the bank rejects the payment due to the wrong account number being entered, you may either file a paper report and check, or resubmit the report and payment online as long as information is entered correctly. If the payment is retured for some reason, you may resubmit online as long as the situation that gave rise to the error is corrected.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the online process or filing process?

Contact the Treasurer of State at 614-752-8482 or 614-752-8483.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the forfeiture of poundage?

Contact the Department of Taxation, Ernie Massie or Mike O'Leary at 614-466-7150.

Visit the Ohio Treasury at